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Although they may appear uniform at first glance, the reserve’s landscapes are highly changeable depending on the time of year, and only reveal themselves over time. The same applies, of course, to the birds that come and go as they migrate or change plumage as they moult… To illustrate this diversity and encourage you to visit, here is a small sample of the reserve’s atmosphere and animals.
Communal du Milieu en fin d'été © RNN St Denis du Payré

Central part of the reserve at the end of summer – © RNN Saint-Denis-du-Payré

Landscape and atmosphere

From the softness of spring greens to the blue-gray of winter floods and the straw-yellow of summer, the reserve’s meadows offer the vast palette of nuances and colors of the market garden landscape.
Avocette élégante (Recurvirostra avocetta) © RN St-Denis-du-Payré
Avocet (Recurvirostra avocetta) © RN St-Denis-du-Payré

Birds and mammals of the reserve

Here are just a few of the species seen on the reserve. Although not all have been photographed on site, they are representative of what you can expect to see. But of course, to see them all, you’ll have to come back several times, and for some of them, you’ll have to rely on a bit of luck!

To discover even more about the richness of our marshes, visit the Media Library of the Marais Poitevin Regional Nature Park, which has several thousand photographic documents.