Sunday discovery





The nature reserve can also be explored on our Discovery Sundays, when volunteers are on hand to provide information about the site and its inhabitants. Enjoy these moments of escapism brought to life by the flight and cries of our winged travellers.

Discovery Sundays, guided tours, activities and events

The nature reserve can only be visited on Discovery Sundays (no booking required), during guided tours (2 hours – no booking required), themed events (booking required) and events.

Discovery Sundays take place directly in the Nature Reserve, where you can watch the birds with the help of volunteer guides. The Pôle des Espaces Naturels will not be open on these days.

Pôle des espaces naturels du Marais poitevin - © RNN Saint-Denis-du-Payré

The nature reserve – © RNN Saint-Denis-du-Payré

Cigogne blanche - © Olivier Loir

Northern Lapwing – © Benoit Perrotin

Sunday discovery

How to visit

The nature reserve is not open to the public and must be visited accompanied by volunteers.

You’ll go straight to the nature reserve on the road between Saint-Denis-du-Payré and Triaize, where you’ll take a 400-metre stilted path to the observatory, which can be reached in any season without the need for any special equipment.

Along the access corridor, museographic panels and sculptures will give you the chance to discover some of the richness of the site.

Once you’re in the observatory, other interpretation elements will provide you with new information about life in the reserve.

Prices for Discovery Sundays 2024
Adult6 € 50
Children (aged 7-17), students, jobseekers, disabled people5 €
Children under 7 years oldFree
Large family (3 children)23 €
Adult Migration Card (annual, valid only during opening periods)32 € 50
Reduced Migration Card (annual, nominative, valid only during opening periods)25 €